#piweek XXV edition
18th to 22nd of December, 2023

| ˈpaɪ ˈwiːk |

is an original idea by Kaleidos
Every six months participants leave their ongoing work in standby to devote an entire week to personal innovative projects, either alone or joined by others.

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ΠWEEK in a nutshell

The ΠWEEK was created by Kaleidos upon its birth as part of an internal collaborative document codenamed WTF! than ended up listing more than 70 bizarre ideas. ΠWEEK is WTF idea #16.

ΠWEEK is our way to ensure we set aside time to innovate. In order to have an impact we invite other companies and individuals to interbreed with us, aiming for a national and then international spectrum of participants. Although Kaleidos will always devote 100% of its employees’ time, it is not mandatory that other invited companies do the same.

The dymanics are very simple to follow. Weeks or days before the next ΠWEEK starts, participants share an online document in which every project or initiative is presented. There are absolutely no restrictions as to what themes or technology apply. Only two basic rules are mandatory. #1 You must use free or open source components for your project and #2 by Friday 12.00am you must show a working prototype.

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Check a random selection of our 30+ projects list so far

  • PENPOT screenshot


    Penpot is the first open-source design and prototyping platform for product teams. Designers and developers can finally work in unison to build beautifully designed software experiences that truly scale up.

    Non dependent on operating systems, Penpot is web based and works with open web standards (SVG). This approach means zero vendor lock-in and extreme interoperability.

    Follow the project progress via our Community space and stay tuned!

    Check out PENPOT!

  • TAIGA screenshot


    Free. Open Source. Simple to use. Taiga is a project management platform for agile developers & designers and project managers who want a beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.

    Follow the project progress via our Community space and stay tuned!

    Check out TAIGA!

  • BAOQU screenshot


    Online deliberation for massive groups. Horizontal deliberation for massive groups in a whole new way. Mapping the conversation, we map visually the deliberation in a fractal way. Trolling resilient, system rules for crosspollination and troll resilience.

    Visit BAOQU code

  • SAVE THE BUNNY screenshot


    You are the "Merlin" the bunny, and you are trapped in a labyrinth with other animals that want to catch you. Every time you move, the dogs Lucio and Sombra move twice! And fox Teo moves three! And there are times that there are two at a time! Can you get to your burrow without being caught?

    Download from Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions!

Are there any rules?

#1 You must use free or open source components for your project and #2 by Friday 12.00am you must show a working prototype. It is expected but not mandatory that your project is released as open source shortly after the PIWEEK ends.

Can I participate part-time?

While the ΠWEEK was born as a full-time endeavour, it's acceptable to join it part-time. Just be sure everyone knows that so you correctly manage expectations.

What type of projects/skills are most typical?

Software/Hardware in general. Web, mobile, desktop, embedded, arduino, robotics, etc. The skills needed for these topics vary so much we couldn't list them all but some examples include: python, groovy, c++, html5, javascript, mathematics, mechanical engineering, statistics, design, user experience, databases, android, etc.

Who is the owner of the code/idea?

The team as a collective author. If you are proposing a project make sure the legal terms are clear from the beginning and if you are joining another's project, you have to abide to its rules. If participants or companies wish to keep control of the end result, it is OK as long as they clearly state it beforehand. 95% of the project are born with a free or open source license in mind. For the remaining 5%, each case must be considered alone.

As a company, do I have to fully commit to the ΠWEEK?

No. Although Kaleidos will always devote 100% of its employees, your company doesn't need to. There is no minimum percentage to what a company is required to join the ΠWEEK.

Do I need to be physically in Madrid to join the ΠWEEK?

Absolutely not! The ΠWEEK is not geographicaly dependant at all. If you live or work in Madrid, though, you are invited to enjoy the whole week at our (awesome) place.

If you or your organisation want to know more about our next ΠWEEK contact us!